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What jobs can a 14 year old girl do? - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers
"What jobs can a 14 year old girl do?" - Find the . UK & Ireland Answers. . If you want to work for a store resturaunt etc 14 is a bit young.


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HM Revenue & Customs: Employee tax and National Insurance
How your salary is taxed and how much you can earn before you start . You may also have to pay tax on any tips you receive as part of your job. . The deadline for applying is 14 February in the relevant tax year. . Starting your first job: what to do about tax and National Insurance . Tax when coming to work in the UK .


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Employment and Support Allowance - introduction : Directgov ...
Employment and Support Allowance offers you personalised support and financial help, so that you can do appropriate work, if you are able to. It gives you .


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