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Must be submitted to Loan Prospector. . message of '500 Freddie Mac Eligible. . message must be manually underwritten. - A Mortgage with an unresolved AUS.


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Un 2011 Underwriting Guidelines Manual - PMI Group, Inc.
3.4.1 PMI's Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) and Loan Prospector® (LP) . 3.4.6 PMI -to-PMI Refinance-to-Modification Program – GSE HARP-Eligible Same .


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Freddie Mac Super Conforming - Impac Wholesale
Sep 4, 2012 . Eligible loans are super conforming loans (both fixed and ARMs) receiving LP Accept . Use Matrix 1 for Super Conforming Loan Amounts > $417,000 to $625,500 Freddie Mac LP Accept . Determined by Loan Prospector.


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